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      Compassionate Therapy for Millennial Women

      Burnout. Anxiety. Major life changes.

      Where your best life begins. Offering virtual support throughout the State of California

      Compassionate Therapy for Millennial Women

      It’s time to live your best life.

      Where your best life begins. Offering virtual support throughout the State of California

      As women, we experience it all, and there are times when its overwhelming.

      It can be really hard to cope with the endless stress of day-to-day life sometimes. In between
      the constant demands of work and home —things can be a bit too much.

      Could you use some extra support as you navigate major alterations in your life? Do you find
      yourself frustrated by restrictive gender norms and inequality in family and professional

      Does this sound familiar?

      You want to feel connected to yourself and those you love but instead you feel:

      ➡️ Trapped in a cycle of exhaustion trying to balance work and family 

      ➡️Physically, mentally and emotionally depleted by the continual role shifting in your day to day 

      ➡️Constantly battling negative thoughts

      ➡️ Stuck in unhealthy patterns of people pleasing and self doubt

      ➡️ Drowning in feelings of sadness and loneliness 

      ➡️  A sense of aimlessness and lacking direction for life goals

      and now...

      You have realized you are ready to put an end to this cycle of pain. 

      You have realized you are ready to put an end to this cycle of pain. 

      Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

      We’re here to help.

      At Best Life Counseling Services, we are dedicated to helping women across California meet the challenges of everyday life as well as the extraordinary circumstances that confront all of us.

      If you’re tired of being stuck in old behavior patterns but need help getting on a healthier path, then it’s time to contact Best Life Counseling Services.

      We offer a free 15-minute consultation by phone to help you determine whether or not our
      services are a good fit.

      Message from the Founder

      Welcome! I am so glad you are here!

      Here at Best Life Counseling, we help break the cycles of pain and continuous roadblocks that are hindering you from achieving the best life you deserve. BLC therapists collaboratively help process difficult emotions, thought patterns and life situations, as well as create a holistic plan to welcome the relief and transformation you have been desiring! Our core values at BLC are empathy, compassion, and healing. We look forward to supporting you on your journey to wholeness.


      Nadia Ramsaran

      Fully Virtual Telehealth Sessions

      Schedule a phone consultation today!

      Schedule a 15 minute phone consultation so that we can see if BLC is a good fit for supporting you in your journey of self-love and healing.

      alt="Fully Virtual Telehealth Sessions"
      alt="Fully Virtual Telehealth Sessions"

      Fully Virtual Telehealth Sessions

      Schedule an online consultation today!

      Reach out and have your case analyzed by our resident therapists. They will prescribe solutions and treatment options fit for the best life you are aiming to have for you and your family.



      Practice Areas
      alt="Individual Counseling"

      Individual Counseling

      Are you a millennial woman feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or sad? We offer online individual counseling sessions tailored to address your personal needs and goals. We will spend each session working together to better your understanding of yourself, as well as your reactions to those around you. We will collaborate to set goals and will come up with a plan to help you achieve your goals.

      alt="Women’s Issues"

      Women’s Issues

      As women, we often feel frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed. Don't you agree? Sometimes this feeling can go on too long and affect our getting to where we want to be in our life. This leaves us feeling insecure, sad, and hopeless. But it doesn't have to always be like that. We're here to support you and provide a safe space for you to explore and process your feelings and thoughts, as well as develop attainable goals for yourself.

      alt="Couples Counseling"

      Couples Counseling

      Navigating through relationships can get hard, but it can always be better approached . Gain so much more insight into your relationship, especially regarding your default for conflict resolution. Be prepared to delve into your connection deeper and improve overall relationship satisfaction. ​At any stage of the relationship, we can help you work through your issues to have a better understanding of your relationship.

      Our Approach


      We utilize  Humanistic Approaches, which focus on making a safe space for you to feel heard, validated, and accepted.



      We use Solution-Oriented Techniques to focus on a conversation on achieving goals in the most efficient manner. 



      We utilize Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques (CBT) to implement change by identifying and reframing negative thought patterns that can contribute to depressed mood, symptoms of anxiety, and undesirable behavioral patterns.


      We enlist Psychodynamic Theories to connect your past experiences with your present behavior and emotional reactions.


      Schedule Your Free Consultation Today!

      Feeling anxious, scared, and overwhelmed? Come and let’s have a chat! No strings attached! 

      You are worth the change and we are so excited for you! Our ears are open, and so are our hearts, so please feel free to reach out!

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